Outsourcing Antibody Research Studies

Antibody Research Studies

Contract Laboratory frequently works with Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies in the outsourcing of their Antibody Research Studies. Below are some examples of Antibody Research Studies projects that we have worked with.

  • France University researcher needs histology laboratory for Immunohistochemistry on 1 slide (TMA) for research antibodies (already purchased or not, examples ALDH, SOX).
  • Europe toxicology laboratory needed for study: nAchR test for nicotinic ganglionic acetylcholine receptor antibodies
  • Clinical bioanalytical Laboratory needed for medical device diagnostic kit’s effectiveness for for testing testosterone antibodies in pregnant women’s urine
  • USA FDA GMP Preclinical Contract Research Organization needed for GMP preclinical vaccine efficacy Study in lactating dairy cows Vaccine to prevent Staph or Strep mastitis Vaccine cows before freshening After parturition, determine antibodies challenge with Strep or Staph in a single teat follow milk, CBCs, etc before and after vaccine and challenge
  • FDA GMP North Carolina preclinical CRO, contract research organization needed for FDA preclinical study: ELISA testing for tissue levels of Avastin and Lucentis monoclonal antibodies. 100 samples

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Antibodies are  large, Y shaped protein that is used by the immune system in response to pathogens like viruses, bacteria, or toxins, to identify and neutralize the invading organism. The antibody’s target is the invading organism known as an antigen. Each tip of the antibody’s Y structure has a paratope, an antigen-binding site, that acts as a lock specific to an epitope, part of the antigen where an antibody attaches that acts as a key. The antibodies are activated when the key is inserted into the lock, neutralizing the antigen before it can attack other parts of the body. Immunoglobins are proteins that act like antibodies and the term is used interchangeably with the word antibody.

Antibodies come in five different classes, called isotypes. Each begins with the prefix “Ig” for immunoglobin. They are:

  • IgA – found in mucous membranes like the nose and respiratory tract, eyes, ears, and the digestive tract, and protects body surfaces that are exposed to foreign substances.
  • IgD – found in the tissues that line the belly, but mainly functions as a receptor on B cells that have not yet been exposed to antigens.
  • IgE – found in lungs, skin and mucous membranes, and heavily involved in an allergic reaction, causing the body to react against foreign substances/
  • IgG – found in all types of body fluids, the most versatile immunoglobulin, can carry out all functions of Ig molecules, and is the only antibody that can cross the placenta to protect a fetus.
  • IgM – found in blood and lymph fluid and are the first antibody made in response to a foreign organism.

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