Pesticides Testing: Residue Limits in Food and Feed Products

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Agriculture Crop Pesticide Testing
Agriculture Crop Pesticide Testing

With the growth of organic food and concern for safe food, pesticide residues are a consideration in food ingredients and agricultural products. The United States Environmental Protection Agency US EPA contains a link to the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) at Part 180 database that contains tolerances of pesticides in food and feed commodities in the United States.

The pesticide tolerances are the maximum residue limits for a food or feed commodity. A commodity is defined by the US EPA as any unprocessed or partially processed good, such as grains, fruits and vegetables. Pesticides are often categorized based on the type of pest they control. Contract Laboratory has helped many companies, manufacturers, farms, ranches, and processors with Pesticide Testing. Below are some examples of where Contract Laboratory has helped in the outsourcing of pesticide testing:


  • Environmental Laboratory needed for pesticide testing for pesticides on membrane filters – diuron & proquinazid
  • Toxicology laboratory needed for pesticide testing: toxicity studies ( acute toxicity( oral , dermal , inhalation , skin and eye irritation ) for pesticides
  • University Researcher needs Mexico Food Analytical Chemistry laboratory needed for food testing of 45 samples of foods, to be tested for iron and zinc content, and pesticide contamination
  • New Jersey analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Pesticides testing on Chamomile: – Carbendazim – Linuron – Difenoconazole – Piperonyl Butoxide
  • Asia environmental laboratory needed for hydrocarbon testing.Soil and groundwater sample analysis: ? Total petroleum hydrocarbons diesel-range organics; ? Total petroleum hydrocarbons gasoline-range organics; ? Volatile organic compounds; and ? Semi-volatile organic compounds and the following analyses for just soil samples: ? Arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, lead, mercury, selenium and silver; ? Polychlorinated biphenyls; and ? Pesticides and herbicides
  • Agriculture analytical chemistry laboratory needed for Gas chromatography?mass spectrometry GCMS required for pesticide testing in various products
  • USA FDA cGMP analytical chemistry laboratory needed for USP Testing of Lanolin for Pesticides by USP Test Method
  • Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for herbicide and pesticide testing of 5 – 10 brands of vodka for the presence of herbicides and pesticides
  • GLP Compliance Laboratory needed for pesticide testing: Physical chemical properties test of pesticide product following CIPAC test method (example: water content, wettability, suspensibility, dustiness, flowability, attrition resistance, etc)
  • United Kingdom toxicology laboratory needed for insecticide efficacy testing our insecticide product containing the following: -d-Tetramethrin -d-Allethrin -Cypermethrin
  • Analytical Chemistry Laboratory needed for GC-MS pesticide testing in various pesticide products
  • Environmental Bioanalytical Laboratory needed for EPA cell culture testing in compliance with EPA 885.3500 for registration of a NPV in South America

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