Photometric Testing

Photometric Testing

Photometric testing of lights, lamps, LEDs, displays, etc.

Photometric testing includes testing any light emitting device such as LEDs, lamps, signs, luminaires, and more for product performance in an effort to ensure the device meets regulatory demands. These light emitting sources can be tested for the amount of light emitted, the color, the quality, as well as the spatial distribution of light being emitted.

Photometric testing also includes safety and developmental testing for new and existing efficient lighting products.

Contract Laboratory often receives photometric test requests, like the following:

  • Electrical Laboratory needed for IES Testing of LED Light fittings to Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES), LM79 Approved Method for the Electrical and Photometric Measurements of Solid-State Lighting Products
  • USA Pharmaceutical Laboratory needed for photometric testing: Kinetics – Monitor UV absorbance of sunscreen formulation as a function of light exposure time in a set of 5 solutions.
  • UKAS Europe transportation or civil engineering laboratory needed for BAM Lighting and safety elements for roads Photometric characteristics of road studs – Warning lights at working sites – photometric testing of traffic lights
  • FDA/AOAC Analytical Chemistry Food Laboratory needed for Spectro-photometric UV testing on food samples.
  • Eastern USA SAE Laboratory required for Photometric and FMVSS SAE.P2 and PC testing according to DOT requirements, 2 sample each.
  • and more.

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