Robot Testing

If one watched the decades old cartoon “The Jetsons,”  they would remember lovable Rosie the Robot cleaning George and Jane Jetson’s glass capsule house. There may not be many people that have not wanted to have their very own Rosie the Robot.

Robot Test Standards
courtesy Texas Engineering Extension Service

It seems futuristic, but most people probably know there are vacuuming robots for the home and medical robots that perform surgery already.  Popular Mechanics Magazine recently featured an Article of a Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT  mini – robot that zippers.

And here at Contract Laboratory, Inc., we have just received a request for laboratory testing of a cleaning robot for its ability to clean.  The company making the request needed help finding a laboratory for IEC Comparison Robot Testing to IEC62929 .

IEC is the International Electrotechnical Commission which develops standards for electrotechnology products. IEC62929 is the IEC Standard for Cleaning robots for household use – Dry cleaning: Methods of measuring performance (or sort of testing Rosie the Robot’s job performance).  So what are dry cleaning applications?  These refer to home appliances such as floor polishing machines, steam cleaners and vacuum cleaners.

If you wish to read this IEC Standard, visit the IEC website for IEC 62929  If you want to learn more about other types of robot testing and research, visit our Automation and Robotics page

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