SAE Standards

SAE standards
SAE standards are developed for fields relating to transport like automotive, aerospace and commercial vehicles.

SAE standards were developed for professionals in the engineering fields relating to transport like automotive, aerospace and commercial vehicles. Established as the Society of Automotive Engineers, it was started as a professional association and organization for developing standards.

SAE International was formed in the early 1900s when automobile manufacturers in the US were many and all desired to solve technical problems while developing engineering standards and exchanging ideas. Today in North America, SAE is used as a measuring system for automotive and construction tools, and specifically in the United States it is known for its automobile ratings on horsepower.

What started out as an organization to create standards became more of an information sharing organization after WWII and today has cooperative agreements with many other engineering organizations throughout the world. In the 1980s SAE began electronic publishing of interactive CD-ROM and other web-based products and downloadable technical papers and standards that today allow users worldwide instant access.

Today, SAE International is made up of scientists, engineers and others interested in self-propelled vehicles. Together they create more aerospace and ground vehicle standards than any other organization.

Contract Laboratory has received the following test requests relating to SAE standards:

  • Automotive Industrial Laboratory needed for physical testing of powder coated metal according Ford WSS-M2P190-A Interior painted part of handbrake including 3.4.6 FLTM BN 107-01 Cure test 3.5 FLTM BN 155-01 Abrasion and paint wear resistance 3.4.9 FLTM BO 116-01 Resistance to Fade 3.4.10 FLTM BI 107-05 High performance Paint adhesion 3.4.13 SAE J365 Resistance to Marring
  • Lighting Manufacturer needs Laboratory for SAE candela measurements testing to SAE J845 Optical Warning Devices for Authorized Emergency, Maintenance, and Service Vehicles
  • URGENT 3rd-party Laboratory to perform automotive SAE J2064 hose assembly testing (permeability and/or coupling integrity tests) using 1234yf refrigerant.
  • Automotive Laboratory needed for SAE fuel filter performance testing per SAE1985/SAEJ905, Fuel Filter Test Methods
  • Mechanical Laboratory needed for SAE testing of gasket to SAE J2659 (Test Method to Measure Fluid Permeation of Polymeric Materials By Speciation).
  • Large Manufacturer needs Laboratory for SAE testing of fuel gasket material tested per SAE J2659 to see if it qualifies as a low permeation material per EPA and CARB evaporative emissions rules.
  • Automotive Laboratory needed for SAE emergency vehicle siren testing to SAE J1849 Latest Revision Emergency Vehicle Sirens (STABILIZED Oct 2012), ?Surface Vehicle Recommended Practice (R) Emergency Vehicle Sirens
  • Physical Laboratory needed for nut chipping testing using SAE J400 equipment of non-wovens.
  • Materials laboratory needed for ISO and SAE testing of nonwovens textile for : Thickness SAE J882 SEP2012 Thickness ISO 9073-2/A at 0,5 kPa
  • Laboratory needed for leak detector performance testing to SAE J1627, Performance Criteria for Electronic Refrigerant Leak Detectors

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