Test Requests and New Submissions 12/01/2015

Laboratory Test Requests

Have test requests to submit?

9 new test requests were received today at ContractLaboratory.com. These test requests came from companies needing laboratories or research facilities for their laboratory testing and scientific research. These test requests include a pharmaceutical manufacturer needing D-value testing in drug injectable product, a large transportation company needing physical laboratory for Thermal cycle testing for water charge air coolers, United Kingdom University Researcher needing CRO clinical research laboratory for testing of blood samples from healthy volunteers, a home appliance manufacturer needing capacity testing of deep freezers, an automotive parts manufacturer needing a laboratory for SAE J2064 hose validation to test SAE J2064-2015, an alcoholic beverage manufacturer needing a laboratory for ethanol proof testing, and a company needing  materials characterization for characterizing a commercial coaxialspecialty cable.

Contractlaboratory.com serves all industries including:

  • Electrical
  • Microbiology
  • Oil and Gasoline
  • Pharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceuticals
  • and many more!

VIEW MORE These can all be viewed along with many others in our Incoming Laboratory Test Requests at  https://www.contractlaboratory.com/labclass/requests/outsource_requests.cfm

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