Salmonella Bacteria Testing in Food

The Harmful Side of Microbes

While pretty under the microscope, many microbes can be harmful to your health or in your products making microbiology testing  important.

BAM Salmonella Testing
BAM Salmonella Testing

Whether it’s disinfectant efficacy, anti-viral, antibiotic resistance research studies or other bacteria, virus, mold or fungus research or testing studies, can help facilitate all your microbiology research and testing needs. Call 1-855-377-6821 or Submit Microbiology Test Request at…/outsource_entryform.cfm

Below are some of the Microbiology Laboratory Test Request projects that we have received:

  • Independent laboratory needed for analytical chemistry and microbiology testing in dietary supplements including heavy metals, molds, yeasts, pesticide residue, salmonella, e coli,
  • Medical Device laboratory needed for several microbiology and toxicology tests of a polypropylene orthodontic device. o Mercury limits o Microbial limit test o Toxicology assessment o RIPT assessment (for products that touch skin) o Plastics test/safety
  • Environmental microbiology laboratory needed for microbial analysis of soil samples for the following analyses: Hetrotrophic Plate Count (HPC) bacteria, total coliforms, fecal coliforms, Enterococci, fecal strep, Salmonella, E. coli, Legionella, Amoeba (Naegleria fowleri), Helminth ova, parasites, (Cryptosporidium and Giardia), coliphages, and enteric viruses (enteroviruses).
  • Microbiology Testing
    Microbial Analysis | Microbiology Testing

    Microbiology laboratory needed for MIC and MBC microbial analysis on n-hexane fractions from Anthocleista vogelii and Alstonia boonei on the following microorganisms: 1. Common Bacteria- Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis, Salmonella Typhi, Klebsiella pneumonia, and Staphylococcus aureus 2. Bacteria causing venereal disease- Syphilis (Treponema pallidum), Chancroid (Haemophilus ducreyi), Chlamydia (Chlamydia trachomatis), Gonorrhea (Neisseria gonorrhoeae), and Granuloma inguinale or (Klebsiella granulomatis). 3. Fungal- Trichophyton mentagrophytes, Aspergillus fumigatus, Trichophyton rubrum and Candida albicans We desire to know the Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) be determined using dilution method for the above microorganisms.

  • Medical device microbiology laboratory needed for sterility testing of various medical device sets.
  • Microbiology laboratory needed for ASTM antimicrobial efficacy testing of a hand wash product to ASTM E2315 Standard Guide for Assessment of Antimicrobial Activity Using a Time-Kill Procedure using Serratia marcescens organism.
  • Biopharmaceutical company needs microbiology laboratory for USP sterility testing of cellular therapy finished drug product API to USP monograph 71
  • Materials microbiology laboratory needed for preservative effectiveness testing of a coating.
  • Consumer products microbiology laboratory needed for air purification and viral efficacy studies on personal plasma-ion based air purifier against H7N9, H5N1 and corona virus in sealed chamber.
  • LONG-TERM TESTING Microbiology laboratory needed for monthly antimicrobial efficacy testing of western red cedar leaf oil (essential oil).
  • Biopharmaceutical microbiology laboratory needed for bacterial toxin testing including bacillus, clostridium, and streptococcus in finished drug Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients API’s made from biologically derived products.
  • Oil and petroleum / microbiology laboratory needed for jet fuel (Jet A1) testing for microbial growth and presence of fungi.
  • Microbiology laboratory needed for antimicrobial efficacy testing of an aloe bar soap to be used in medical facilities, nursing homes, and long-term care homes.
  • FDA cGMP microbiology laboratory needed for microbiological and sterility testing of generic drug products (tablets, capsules, and injections) including EP European Pharmacopoeia microorganisms parameter assays, microbial enumeration tests, total aerobic microbial count (TAMC) CFU/g or GFU/ml, total combined yeasts/molds count (TYMC) CFU/g or GFU/ml, microbiological identification, Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Staphylococcus aureus.
  •  FDA cGMP microbiology laboratory needed for full microbial analysis of cosmetics skincare scrubs / wipes.
  • Microbiology laboratory needed for disinfectant efficacy testing against swine flu viruses.
  • Cosmetics microbiology laboratory needed for microbial analysis of skincare products to European Union standards.
    MRSA Bacteria Magnified 20,000X
    MRSA Bacteria Magnified 20,000X
  • START-UP Needs needs consumer products microbiology laboratory for razor comparison study to test the difference in the amount of bacteria present on the blades of a shaving razor that is stored in different positions in a simulated bathroom environment.
  • Medical Device Laboratory needed for microbiology and physical testing of medical drapes and surgical gowns to several EN ISO standards: 1. EN ISO 22612 Resistance to Microbial Penetration – Dry, 2. EN ISO 22610 Resistance to Microbial Penetration – Wet, 3. EN ISO 11737-1 Cleanliness – Microbial, 4. EN ISO 9073-10 Cleanliness – Particulate Matter/Linting, 5. EN 20811 Resistance to Liquid Penetration 6. EN ISO 13938-1 Bursting Strength – Dry, 7. EN ISO 13938-1 Bursting Strength – Wet, 8. EN 29073-3 Tensile Strength – Dry and, 9. EN 29073-3 Tensile Strength – Wet

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