Translational Science

Translational science turns laboratory observations into new treatments to help improve the health of communities.

Translational science, is a newly popular term used in the biomedical world. Also called translational medicine or translational research, it is a term used to describe turning, or translating, laboratory or other scientific observations into new treatments or interventions that help cure or improve the health of communities and populations. This includes diagnostic and therapeutic medical procedures as well as behavioral interventions.

Much of translational science is designated to connecting clinical studies to new public health policies. Translational science can be applied to laboratory and research relating to biologics such as genes, cells, and tissues, and developing, discovering and regulating pharmaceuticals, aimed at predicting and improving outcomes.

Contract Laboratory can help you find a laboratory for scientific research of testing relating to translational science, as we have helped the following:

  • LONG-TERM TESTING Contract Research Organization needed for Translational Research: HPLC Concentration of cyclophosphamide and activation metabolites in plasma of rats.
  • US Bioanalytical laboratory needed for bioanalysis : protein analysis 1) Determination of the molecular weights of various proteins in a mix, and their quantitation. 2) Identification (sequence) of the major proteins 3) Identification of any post translational modifications (maybe)
  • Translational. Western Blot Analysis to confirm the identification of a protein identified on ICAT analysis. Specimen for Western is aspirate fluid. We will provide antibody for probing.
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