Water Analysis for Pollutants

Water Analysis for Pollutants

Water Analysis for Pollutants
Water Analysis for Pollutants

Water analysis for pollutants is performed when contamination is suspected or on a routine basis to ensure the quality of a waterway such as  a body of water (lake, river, stream, ocean, etc). Water pollution generally comes from sources such as sewage treatment plant runoff, storm drains, or from the accumulation of small amounts of contaminants.

Pollutants in water come from chemicals, pathogens, increased temperature, and discoloration. Though many substances and chemicals can be harmless, the high concentration of these elements can be dangerous.

Water analysis for pollutants is done by physical, chemical, or biological tests done by collecting samples and running specialized tests on those water samples, and then comparing results. Water samples are often tested for pH, oxygen levels, nutrients, metals, oil and grease, and pesticides.  Water biological testing is also done to determine the health of an aquatic ecosystem. Certain species can reveal the health status of the water system. Monitoring these populations for changes can indicate whether or not a problem exists in the ecosystem.

Contract Laboratory has helped many companies and organizations with the outsourcing of their water analysis and testing , such as:

    • Pharmaceutical company needs Analytical Chemistry Laboratory for sterile water testing by fluorescence spectrophotometry for Aluminum content in sterile water for injections
    • Environmental laboratory needed for surface water testing of 4 acre lake displaying a very small diesel oil pollution bloom from run off surface water in the vicinity. Need lake water tested before stocking it with expensive carp.
    • Environmental laboratory needed for Facility Stormwater testing
    • Physical Laboratory needed for FDA Testing of new portable water filtration device with ceramic filter ,ion exchange resin , carbon fiber , nano cluster media
    • Environmental Laboratory needed to perform several analyses on well water samples. There are 64 samples and each one will need to be analyzed for:1) Isotope analysis of: Sr, O, H, S and C2) Dissolved Gasses: O2 and H2S3) Heavy metals (in concentrations of microgram per liter-ppb): Fe, Zn, V, Al, B, Li, Ag, Mo, Rb, Se, As, Sn, U, Tl, Sr, Sb4) Silica (SiO2)
    • Large company needs aquatic toxicology laboratory for Ecotoxicity study testing 1. OPPTS 850.1075 Fish Acute Toxicity Test, Freshwater and Marine 2. OPPTS 850.1010 Aquatic Invertebrate Acute Toxicity Test, Freshwater Daphnids 3. OPPTS 850.4500 Algal Toxicity 4. OPPTS 850.1085 Fish Acute Toxicity Mitigated by Humic Acid.
    • Electrical laboratory needed for protoype testing: potable water testing of energy consumption and water delta, flow rates and energy of volts, amps and wattage temperatures on a 2 stage prototype of 1 gallon and 4 gallons = 5 gallons total

Many other water analysis and testing projects can be seen at View Water Analysis Projects

If your company organization needs to ensure the quality of water with water analysis or testing, Contract Laboratory can help with the outsourcing of laboratorie to perform wateranalysis for pollutants, call us at 1-855-377-6821, or Submit a Water Analysis Test Request

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