Water Quality Testing After Hurricane Harvey

water quality testing
Hurricane Harvey may have contaminated drinking water. Ensure drinking waters safety by having water quality testing performed.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, a lot of safety testing will need to occur to ensure the people affected by the storm are safe from toxic waste whose sites flooded and spilled the waste, chemical residues in the soil, mold, and perhaps most importantly, water quality testing to ensure the population has access to safe drinking water.

After floodwaters breached a levee south of Houston, the waters began running through septic systems spreading sewage and waste. Additionally, more water was released from two reservoirs causing more flooding and water contamination. As of Saturday, September 2, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was able to contact 2,300 of the 4,500 systems for drinking water in the area. They determined that of the 2,300, 50 were completely shut down, 166 had boil-water notices, and only 1,514 were fully operational. Additionally, 1,656 of the 2,468 wastewater and sewage treatment plants were operational.

Texas public health officials are expecting to see an increase in gastrointestinal problems due to tainted water. Stagnant water is a breeding ground for bacteria and can be harmful if swallowed or if it comes in contact with a cut or open wound. Due to the sewage present in the Houston floodwaters, officials are asking people who have walked through the floodwaters to throw away the clothes and shoes they wore.

water quality testing
Houston flooding may have contaminated drinking water. Get water quality testing to ensure the water is safe!

Though the city says its main public water supply wasn’t breached and drinking water is fine, they are warning residents whose drinking water comes from small municipal systems to boil their water before consuming. Additionally, they are warning residents who use a private well to get their water tested and to use bottled water for both drinking and cooking until they know their tap water is safe as power outage can affect the safety of the water supply.

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  • LONG-TERM TESTING: ISO 17025 Environmental Microbiology Laboratory needed for Testing, Water Quality Testing, Water Portability testing, 740 samples.
  • India conglomerate needs industrial hygience laboratory to conduct air & water quality testfrom 4 different places. Air samples to be collected and one water sample for testing.
  • Homeowners Association needs Georgia licensed laboratory for water quality testing including coliform and e. coli testing. Sample(s) from what is believed a contaminated stream.
  • Long-Term: Essential oil manufacturer needs HPLC and GCMS water testing and quality control testing of herb powders from two companies for purity and identity. Also need to periodically test water quality of commercially purchased distilled water and our own well water.”
  • Research fellow needs environmental laboratory for water quality testing. Perchlorate sample of drinking water from Kathmandu , Nepal. 50 to 100 samples
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