What are the different types of Stability Studies?

Stability studies are generally performed on pharmaceutical products, food and beverages, and beauty and cosmetic pharmaproblems, as well as ingredients in each to evaluate how they are affected by external factors such as light, heat, humidity, temperature, stress, etc. in an effort to determine how these factors influence the drug. This testing helps determine the shelf life of the product along with storage guidelines which are imperative for consumer safety. Two common types of stability tests are real-time and accelerated.

Real-time tests are accomplished by storing pharmaceutical products according to the recommended conditions and checking or monitoring the product until it fails. The products are tested at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months for the first year, twice a year the second, and once a year for each year thereafter until the product fails to meet specifications and safety standards.

Accelerated studies require products being stored in fabricated environments where different factors such as light, or heat are accelerated to determine when the product fails. By performing accelerated studies, degredation can be predicted.

Stability testing can also be performed on containers, closures, or other packaging.makeup

Contract Laboratory has received many test requests from companies and organizations looking for stability testing like the following:

  • Packaging laboratory needed for Plastics and Polymers testing of HDPE bottles for stack load stability testing and wall thickness
  • University research scientist needs UK laboratory for drug compound testing during stability testing of Standard mouse chow. Chow was formulated using the compound to a final concentration of 750 mg of drug per kg of chow. In order to verify and establish formulation stability, we need the drug concentration in the pellets to be measured over the period of 6 months. We need an initial measurement to be taken (starting point) and then at least 2 more measurements; at the 3-month point and the 6-month point.
  • Large corporation needs materials laboratory needed for UV stability testing of HDPE: orange colored HDPE sheath in which we have to check for UV stability of that sheath & life of sheat
  • Europe Product Safety laboratory needed for new cream testing for introduction into the EU and international markets including Safety assessment, stability testing, microbial contamination testing, challenge test, shelf life prediction and any other tests deemed necessary.
  • Cosmetics Laboratory needed for Cosmetics Stability Testing and Safety Assessment Tests including compatibility and challenge testing.
  • Nutraceutical Laboratory needed for stability testing for vitamin packet to be sold in new water formulation. Company is in process of getting product into large chain store and needs stability testing.
  • View more stability test requests

If you are a product manufacturer or other organization needing stability testing, call us at 1-855-377-6821 or submit an online test request.

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