What is Erichsen Test Equipment?

Erichsen test equipment
Erichsen test equipment is created to determine physical properties of different coatings for different industries.

Today we received a request from a manufacturer needing a laboratory for Erichsen 430P to test the scratch resistance of automotive molded plaques per the Volkswagen method of PV3952. So what is Erichsen 430P? And what is Erichsen test equipment?

The Erichsen 430P, a scratch hardness tester, is a motorized testing instrument used to test the resistance to scratches and cuts that plastic or varnished surfaces have. It tests panels of differing thicknesses by performing single, parallel and cross-cuts. Additionally, the Erichsen 430P is used for adhesion testing.
Erichsen test equipment and instruments are created to help determine physical properties of different coatings for industries such as sheet metal processing, surface coating, anti-corrosion and materials and are used by many companies for their testing.
Contract Laboratory helps many companies find laboratories to perform their testing, like the following:
  •  LONG-TERM TESTING US Company needs Polymer Laboratory with Erichsen 430P tester to test the scratch resistance of automotive molded plaques per the Volkswagen method of PV3952.
  • Materials Laboratory needed for ASTM C423 Sound absorption and Fire ASTM testing
  • Construction Laboratory needed for ANSI dry grout physical testing to two ANSI Standards 118.3 Latex Fortified Cement Based Grout: and 118.4 Modified Dry Set Cement Mortar. for dry mortar
  • Materials Laboratory needed for analysis of the variation in dielectric strength measurement and surface analysis of an aluminum substrate that has a dielectric and various graphic inks printed on one side. The surface needs to be analyzed for variation in thickness of the inks and dielectric across a section. Multiple samples need to be evaluated to determine the percent change in thickness across a set of samples. Also, each individual layer of graphic ink needs to be tested for dielectric strength. Each individual ink can will be printed on it’s own aluminum sample.
  • Oil Laboratory needed for electrical conductivity of a liquid chemical hydrocarbon mixture in accordance with ASTM D4308 Standard Test Method for Electrical Conductivity of Liquid Hydrocarbons by Precision Meter
  • View this request and more!
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