What is GCC General Certificate of Conformity Testing?

rugA GCC, or general certificate of conformity, is required of manufacturers and importers of certain “general use” products, certifying their product has been tested and complies with all applicable consumer safety rules, standards, and regulations. “General use” products refers to non-children’s products such as: furniture, appliances, home goods, clothing, carpet and rugs, candles, matches, lighters, etc.

The GCC must be issued by the manufacturer if the product is manufactured in the U.S. or the importer if the product is manufactured overseas. Certification is based on results of product testing. The GCC must then accompany the product to the distributor or retailer, either physically or electronically by providing a website URL where the certificate can be viewed.

There are 11 required elements in a GCC which are:

  1. Identification of the product
  2. Detailed description of product
  3. Citation to each of the consumer product safety regulations the product is certified
  4. Separately identify each consumer product safety rule applicable to product
  5. Identify the importer or manufacturer certifying compliance
  6. Include name, address, and phone number of importer or manufacturer
  7. Contact information for the person maintaining the test results
  8. Name(s), address, e-mail, phone number of person maintaining test records in support of certification
  9. Date (at least month and year) and location of where the product was manufactured
  10. Date and location when the product was tested for compliance
  11. Location of testing and dates of tests that certification is based on

Learn more about GCC on cpsc.gov.matches

Contract Laboratory has helped facilitate many organizations’ GCC testing, such as:

  • Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for GCC General Conformance Certificate Testing on a dietary supplement
  • CPSC product safety laboratory needed for CPSC testing of new folding bicycle to meet cpsc and earn GCC.
  • India Toxicology Laboratory needed for toxicology testing for export of perfume in compliance with toxicology evaluation report for GCC countries
  • Saudi Arabia, UAE, India, Middle East, GCC Plastics analytical chemistry laboratory needed Analytical Chemistry Laboratories for carbon black testing of recycled tyres and to analyze the chemical characteristics/specifications/ Contents of the recycled tire derived products such as Pyrolytic Oil and Pyrolytic Carbon Black. Product samples shall be sent to the qualified laboratory upon receipt of acceptable price quote.
  • USA Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for testing in accordance to GCC16 cfr 1633 labeling review sample size 1 law label. More specifically… Code of Federal Regulations 16 part 1000 to end. Commercial practices.Part 1633 – Standard for the flammabilty (open flame) of mattress sets. Only part 1633.12 Labeling.
  • Consumer Products Safety Laboratory needed for Consumer Safety Protection Testing of 100% cotton diapers for babies require GCC to satisfy the Consumer Safety Protection
  • USA GCC Materials Testing Laboratory needed for testing diapers for child safety – lead, flammability and phthalates.
  • These test requests and more can be seen here

If your organization is in need of a laboratory to perform GCC testing, submit a free test request by calling 1-855-377-6821, or submit a request online.

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