Wind Tunnel Testing and Analysis

Recently, Contract Laboratory, Inc. received a request for a physical laboratory in Asia for Wind Tunnel Testing of an airfoil section using a 1/2 scale model for testing in an opened-ended wind tunnel.  A wind tunnel in an instrument designed to research the effects of air moving past a solid object. Developed as early as the end of the 19th century, wind tunnel instrumentation has been used for testing and analysis throughout many diverse industries needing data with regard to the effects of wind and structural dynamics.

Wind Tunnel
Photo Courtesy of N.I.S.T.

Some areas of wind study include the engineering and/or construction of bridges, roofs, stadiums, aerospace parts, automobiles, and the design high-rise buildings and facades.  Other areas may include testing and analysis to determine the efficiency of wind turbines in the production of electricity or climate assessments on different types of structures.

Determining wind load and air flow physics during the engineering phase of product development helps to minimize design risk.  Many laboratories offer state-of-the-art instrumentation and superior data acquisition for real world results for many parameters involving winds and air flow.  Repeatable and accurate tests are crucial in wind tunnel tests.  There are many different types of wind tunnels with varying air flow speeds ranging from subsonic to hypersonic to meet the needs of designers, engineers, and manufacturers.

The American Society of Civil Engineers’ Standards Activities Division of the Structural Engineering Institute (ACSE/SEI) requires engineers to meet the ASCE/SEI 7-10 Standard for Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures.  This standard has been integrated into building code in the United States and includes wind load provisions.  Wind tunnel testing and analysis is used to meet the requirements of this standard during phases of structural development.

Contract Laboratory, Inc. has assisted manufacturers requiring Wind Tunnel Testing and Analysis outsource this type of product testing.  Below are examples of how we have helped:

  • India Physical Engineering Laboratory needed for performance testing in supersonic wind tunnel and nozzle performance test unit…
  • US Physical, Environmental Laboratory needed for wind tunnel testing for vibration of metal railings…
  • California Physical laboratory needed for wind tunnel testing of construction components, Metal Panels attached to a steel frame. Would like to test to determine if they will whistle under high wind conditions…
  • Physical Laboratory needed for Wind Tunnel testing. Pressure drop across 1 ft x 1 ft to 4 ft x 4 ft filter (flexible regarding size) at air velocities from 10 ft/sec to 50 ft/sec. All air must pass through the filter…

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