ISO Certification

On Monday, August 21, every state in the US will get a glimpse of a total or partial solar eclipse. Experts have warned that no matter where you are, “it […]

Anti-fungal Testing against Candida

Antifungal Efficacy Testing against Candida

Today, we received a request from a hand sanitizer company for a laboratory to perform an anti-fungal efficacy study against Candida. So, what is Candida? Candida is a type of […]

Testing for BPA

Testing for BPA  can be performed on a number of consumer products, as BPA is found in such things as hard plastics, canned goods, sporting goods, water bottles, electronics, toiletries, […]

What is Ames Testing?

Today, Contract Laboratory received a request from a company for Ames Testing. The Ames test is an assay used throughout the world done using bacteria to detect chemical substances that […]

Adhesive Testing

Adhesive testing is performed on tapes, glues, gels, paint, and other substances to test their bonding strength. Testing is performed at different temperatures and is also done to determine strength […]

Furniture TIp-over Prevention Testing

Furniture Tip-over Prevention Testing

With the potential for serious injuries and death, furniture tip over prevention testing is a major concern for manufacturers and distributors of furniture products such as dressers, cribs, cabinets, and tables […]

Textile Testing to Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a worldwide certification for textiles such as yarns, fabrics, buttons, linens, terry cloth, thread, and other accessory materials, developed in 1992 that tests for harmful substances […]

When to Perform Radioactivity Testing

Radioactivity testing is important and commonly done on food, water, soil, and other products to ensure their safety. Radioactive substances are dangerous to people and the environment due to their […]

Ovarian Cancer Early Detection Tests Development

Early detection of cancer is important in the treatment of disease. A blood test created by the Georgia Institute of Technology detects ovarian cancer with 90 percent accuracy. ‪To read […]