Residual DNA Testing | Host Cell DNA Analysis

Residual DNA testing, or host cell DNA analysis, is the examination of products for traces of DNA that have been unintentionally left on a product during manufacturing of biological products […]

Monoclonal Antibodies | Disease Treatment

In a recent study funded by the National Institutes of Health, scientists successfully cured 100% of guinea pigs and rhesus monkeys infected with the Marburg and Ravn virus using monoclonal […]

Happy Earth Day History

Happy Earth Day History | 47th Annual Earth Day

Earth Day, celebrated every year on April 22, was founded in 1970 by then U.S. senator, Gaylord Nelson. After witnessing the massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California in 1969, […]

Where will you be marching? Science March 2017

March for Science April 22, 2017

Why March for Science? This year on Earth Day, hundreds of people across the country will participate in The March for Science. This event is intended to celebrate science and […]

Protein Characterization | Protein Identification

Protein characterization is a term used to describe the process of identifying physical, chemical and biological properties of a protein. Many techniques exist to perform protein analysis. Before proteins can […]

Easter Eggs | Food Color Dye Safety TESTING

It’s Easter weekend, and egg dyeing is in full force! Have you ever wondered about the safety of dyes and food color used on Easter eggs? Food coloring, dyes, and […]

Vaccine Development

Are you curious how vaccines are made? Or about the research and time that goes into their development? The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center for Biologics Evaluations and Research, […]

Medical Device Sterilization

Medical Device Sterilization Validation Testing

Medical Device Sterilization Validation  is imperative to invasive sterile medical products such as implants and reusable surgical instruments. routinely helps  manufacturers, distributors, and healthcare facilities with their  sterilization validation. There […]