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polyherbal formulation
Dietary Supplements – Polyherbal Formulation

This week,  received a test request from a dietary supplement manufacturer needing a third-party laboratory to perform testing on their polyherbal formulations. A polyherbal formulation is a formulation made of two or more herbs. Polyherbalism is an Ayurvedic principle that suggests single herbal formulations are insufficient but when combined, they produce a greater result.

Polyherbal formulations have recently gained in popularity due to their wide range of therapeutic benefits, and their effectiveness at low doses and their safety at high doses. Additionally, these formulations are increasingly popular because they are said to have fewer side effects, they are eco-friendly, and are cheaper and more easily available.

Herbal remedies date back to prehistoric times in ancient Greece, Egypt, China, and India, where they were used in healing rituals. Beginning in the 19th century, scientists began to extract and manipulate the herbs and their compounds creating what we know now as pharmaceuticals. This was the beginning of the decline in herbal supplements and remedies, however recent trends show more people reverting back to natural, herbal remedies due to the high cost and undesirable side effects of pharmaceuticals.

INCOMING DIETARY SUPPLEMENT FORMULATION TESTING frequently helps dietary supplement and natural products manufacturers with outsourcing their quality control and formulation testing.  Below is a short list of some of the test requests Contract Laboratory has received from companies and producers needing dietary supplement and nutraceutical testing. To view all of these requests and more, or to respond to a request, see more dietary supplement test requests.

  • Laboratory needed for method development to analyse active constituent in a polyherbal formulation
  • ISO 17025 accredited food / nutraceutical laboratory needed for quantitative determination of resveratrol in nutritional supplement capsules.
  • Food laboratory needed for nutraceutical product stability and shelf-life testing
  • Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for reverse engineering / deformulation of a nutraceutical supplement for labeling claims purposes.
  • Nutraceutical / Dietary Supplement analytical chemistry laboratory needed for LONG-TERM TESTING – monthly quality control testing of dietary supplements and active elements distilled from aromatic and medicinal plants, for MSDS 1- Appearance 2- Loss on Drying 3- Melting Point Range 4- Residue on Ignition 5- Organic Volatile Impurity 6- Heavy Metals 7- Purity 8- Identification 9- Assay
  • Certified clinical research laboratory needed for efficacy testing of a nutraceutical for memory product with 30 human subjects.
  • Nutraceutical laboratory needed for real-time stability testing of a multivitamin protein supplement.
  • Dietary Supplement company needs laboratory or determining the PDCASS score from finished product of protein powder containing soya protein and Milk protein.
  • Dietary Supplement analytical chemistry laboratory needed for HPLC-MS purity testing of SARMS selective androgen receptor modulators upon receipt from distributor.
  • Independent laboratory needed for analytical chemistry and microbiology testing in dietary supplements including heavy metals, molds, yeasts, pesticide residue, salmonella, e coli
  • Natural Health Products company needs food analytical chemistry laboratory for saccharin, cyclamates, dulcin and other unsafe color additives testing in dietary supplement products.


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