Food Analysis and Deformulation

Food Analysis and Deformulation
Deformulation studies help to provide specific information regarding ingredients in products.

Deformulation, also known as reverse engineering, is the process of breaking down and separating the food product into individual pieces or ingredients in order identify the quantity of each component. The goal of food analysis and deformulation is to be able to identify and quantify each of the ingredients so that they can be studied and reproduced if needed.

Reverse engineering in the food and beverage industry helps to address issues such as the quality of products or ingredients, determining variations in batches, resolving flavor discrepancies, recreating a product formulation, patent infringement, resolve product failure issues and more.

One of the biggest challenges in performing food analysis and deformulation studies is that often researchers are not positive what it is they are looking for. Many analytical techniques exist to help researchers identify the components of a food.

Deformulation studies help to provide specific information regarding ingredients in products.

Contract Laboratory has helped numerous organizations obtain the necessary deformulation studies and testing like the following:

  • URGENT! Reverse engineering laboratory needed for food deformulation testing to determine ingredient content, and nutritional analysis of a hot sauce.
  • Beverage laboratory needed for deformulation, nutritional labeling, and shelf life stability testing of a a beverage.
  • URGENT! Reverse engineering laboratory needed for deformulation testing of lactation cookies to determine all ingredients.
  • Food laboratory needed for deformulation of herbal tea for dried ingredients
  • URGENT! Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for reverse-engineering/deformulation of a liquid to determine components including sodium content and artificial flavors.

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