New ASTM Standard for Bed Rails

Portable bed rail
New adult portable bed rails standard addresses issues relating to openings and attachments to beds in hopes of reducing the chances of entrapment, injury, strangulation, and death.

Last month, ASTM released a new international standard with requirements for portable bed rails and accessories. The standard (F3186) addresses issues relating to openings and attachments to beds in hopes of reducing the chances of entrapment, injury, strangulation, and death. The standard was created by the consumer products panel and is applicable to any manufacturer or person who buys bed rails as it outlines the safe design. A portable bed rail is one that can be attached or installed to prevent a person from falling out of bed.

Manufacturers and importers of portable bed rails must ensure their products are in compliance with this new standard, including labeling requirements, as well as additional requirements such as sharp edges, small parts, warning labels, etc., set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission by having their products tested by a third party laboratory.

Portable bed rail requirements specify that they must not create a gap between them and the mattress and that they cannot be assembled unsafely. Additionally, the rails are required to have warning labels and any component parts like anchors and straps must be securely attached to the bed rail.

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