Solar Panel Testing

Contract Laboratory has received a request from a alternative energy technology development company for Solar Panel Testing.  Solar energy is energy produced from the sun and is a “clean” alternative to using fossil fuels because there is no pollution caused by it. 18 days of sunshine can produce the same amount of energy as all Earth’s resources of coal, oil, and natural gas.

So how does solar energy work?

Solar Panel Testing
Solar Panel Testing

First, in order to harvest the energy you have to capture it. This is done using solar panels. Solar panels are composed of many linked photovoltaic (PV) cells that together convert sunlight into electricity. An electric current occurs when opposite charges are separated. To do this, one side of the panel is “doped” or dipped in phosphorous, adding extra electrons to give it a negative charge, and the other side is doped with boron to give it a positive charge. This results in an electric field at between the layers. Then, when a light particle known as a photon reaches the panel, it knocks an electron free from an atom which generates electricity. On either side of the panel are metal conductive plates that collect the electrons and transfer them to wires which they can travel through like any other kind of electricity.

Contract Laboratory has received many requests from companies for solar energy and solar panel testing including:

  • Physical Laboratory needed for solar panel testing for strength of the our racking system against wind and snow load. Tensile test for racking system (including end clips, mid clips , nuts and bolts) is a good idea to prove strength of the system against wind and snow load. If it is possible, can you give me an information about Load Bearing test: 1) Qualifications and Certificates 2) Quote 3) Lead time 4) Test report 5) Option: Engineering Sign-off Our material setup is as follows: Unistrut : P5500 Bolt: 5/16-18 X 2 SOCKET CAP SCREW 18-8SS 31C200KCSS (See Catalog) Spring Nut: 5/16-18 TOP SPRING NUT 3/8? THICK ?ZINC TSN031 (See Catalog) Clamp – 46mm mid and end clamp (see Schletter Brochure and PO and ignore red boxes)
  • Materials laboratory needed to measure the solar Reflectance index test on one of water based thermal coatings
  • Laboratory needed for SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) testing for a coated fabric used as temporary outdoor structure such as tent, pagoda, hangar, awning, etc.
  • laboratory needed for solar photovoltaic module testing including mechanical testing, robustness test, metal oxide test, lead content test
  • Engineering company setting up Solar Power plants is in the process of optimizing our existing designs needs laboratory for testing new design ‘earthing clamps’ for PV modules to ”UL2703” testing standard.
  • Asia Electrical Laboratory needed for solar panel testing of 60-Cell

And many more! See more Solar Panel Laboratory Testing Requests.


Are you a developer or manufacturer of solar power accessories, components or products  that is in need of a laboratory for testing, R&D, technology development?  Call us at 1-855-377-6821 or submit a solar power Laboratory Test Request.




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