Tea Testing

Tea, Coffee, or Other Beverage Testing
Tea, Coffee, or Other Beverage Testing

Last week Contract Laboratory received a tea testing request from a company needing an analytical chemistry laboratory to perform caffeine content testing in brewed tea samples. If you are a tea or a coffee or food product manufacturer, importer, or seller and need a laboratory to test your product, visit our Contract laboratory  website to submit a test request, or call us toll-free at 1-855-377-6821.

Tea is a popular Chinese drink known to soothe and comfort as well as provide many antioxidants. About 10 billion servings of tea are consumed in the US annually. Laboratory tests have previously discovered major discrepancies in the contents of different varieties of tea, as well as contamination of tea leaves from heavy metals and other toxins.

Green tea and black tea are the most popular varieties of teas in the United States, due to them containing epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG, an antioxidant known for its cancer fighting abilities as well as its hormone regulating capabilities and potential fat burning properties.

In addition to determining the compounds and health benefits of a product, tea testing is also performed to determine the amount of caffeine or sugar in the beverage. Tea testing can also be performed on loose tea leaves to determine the same properties.

Below you will find recent tea test requests received by Contract Laboratory:

  • START-UP Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for caffeine content testing in 25 samples of brewed teas
  • Food laboratory needed for tea testing to support labeling claims (vegan).
  • Food microbiology and chemistry laboratory needed for nutritional labeling information and shelf life studies of 4 ginger tea beverage flavored products
  • Food laboratory needed for EU compliance testing of imported teas to meet EU requirements for import.
  • Food laboratory needed for nutritional labeling and packaging
  • Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for tea testing including caffeine content- pesticides- contaminants- antioxidants- saponins- ash- gaba protein.
  • Food Analytical chemistry laboratory needed for deformulation of a herbal tea for dried ingredients include: Alfalfa Blesssed Thistle Cascara Sagrada Chickweed Dandelion Echinacea Fenugreek Ginger Gota Kila Mullein Parsely Pau D’Arco Red Clover
  • Food analytical chemistry laboratory needed for caffeine testing of food product with ground tea leaf powder. Need to analyze the caffeine content per weight when consumed completely as an edible (not in a drink as tea).
  • UK company needs food laboratory for matcha tea testing for bacteria, chemicals lead, radiation, & pesticides.
  • Ongoing test request for tea in China: 10 blends need tested for: Humidity(100-105°C),Total ash, Insoluble catechins, HCl, Ash soluble in water, total ash, Aqueous extract, Caffeine, Tannin, Crude fiber, Antimony, Sn, F, Ag, Pb,Zn, Stems and petioles.H,B,Cu
  • Tea Company needs food laboratory for Irish Authority and ISO tea testing for caffeine, saponins and antioxidants for two sorts of tea leaves.Tea company needs food laboratory for tea testing for 8 different kinds loose leaf tea
  • And  more tea,coffee or other beverage testing 

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