When to Perform Radioactivity Testing

Radioactivity testing
Radioactivity testing

Radioactivity testing is important and commonly done on food, water, soil, and other products to ensure their safety. Radioactive substances are dangerous to people and the environment due to their ability to change matter. Naturally occurring radioactive materials can be found in the crust of the earth as well air and water. Man-made radioactivity comes from nuclear plants and nuclear weapons.

Testing levels of radioactivity can be done through a number of different ways including; High Purity Germanium Crystal detection, Alpha Scintillation Counting, Alpha Spectroscopy, Gas Flow Proportional Counting, and Liquid Scintillation Counting. All of these techniques detect the atomic disintegration within a sample.

Laws exist that require levels of radioactivity in food products as well as in the environment be controlled, therefore having your products tested and in compliance with the law is imperative to getting your product to market.


Contract Laboratory has helped many companies with their radioactivity testing  projects.  Below are some examples of projects that we have helped

  • Environmental laboratory needed for radioactivity testing of soil a. Gamma Spectrometry (direct measurement) – product must emit less ionising radiation than the global median for soils, namely: CK < 400 Bq / kg; CRa < 35 Bq / kg; and CTh < 30 Bq / kg. Alternatively, b. Chemical Composition (indirect measurement) – the finished product must not contain more than: U8 mg /kg; Th15 mg /kg; and K5% by mass.
  • URGENT. Radioactivity testing laboratory needed for analyzing samples of seawater with detection limits less than 0.1 Bq/L.
  • Radioactivity laboratory needed for testing samples of seawater with detection limits less than 0.1 Bq/L.
  • ISO 17025 accredited laboratory needed for ISO Radioactivity testing of dental materials by the dental standards ISO 6872 by gamma spectroscopy.
  • Biomechanical laboratory needed for Radioactivity Testing of dental propylaxis paste: Radio active dentine abrasion value ( RDA value ) for propylaxis paste. to DIN EN ISO 11609 Dentistry — Dentifrices — Requirements, test methods and marking
  • Laboratory needed for almond testing: Radioactivity reading on almonds.Please specify how much sample is required and the price.
  • Animal Health company needs laboratory for certification testing that veterinary feed additive is free of antibiotics prior to export. Certification must claim that the sample is free from all kinds of Antibiotics including Chloramphenicle and Nitrofurane and Melamine. Radioactivity analysis by AOAC method.
  • Contract Lab needed for radioactivity Testing of NORM contaminated piping Need levels of lead 210. Verify Radium 226 is not present

And view many more any more Radioactivity Testing Projects


Food, agriculture products, water or soil. No matter what your product, Contract Laboratory can assist your company with all your radiological, radiopharmaceuticals, isotope, nuclear or radiology studies, research, testing and analysis. Call us at 1-855-377-6821 or visit us online to submit a test request for radioactivity testingt !